• Paw Prints Grooming and Spaw

    Pet Grooming, Stockton, CA

    Here at Paw Prints we believe that regular grooming is an important step in keeping your companion looking good and feeling great! We are geared toward making your pet’s experience here a relaxing and loving one. We use all natural products and offer a variety of services including:

    • Custom Coloring
    • Paw-dicures
    • Blueberry Facials
    • HydroSurge
    • Nail Trimming
    • Light Trimming
    • Full Hair Cuts
    • Cat Grooming
    • Teeth Brushing
    • Toe Nail Painting
    • Flea and Tick Treatments
    • De-Skunking Treatments

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    We serve in Stockton, CA.

    We also offer:

    Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming, Dog Teeth Cleaning